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Jeeng – The Future of Content Distribution

About This Project

Following their investment round of $500,000 led by Krypton Venture Capital, Jeeng approached us to take the lead on designing there new website prior to officially launching their service of enabling users to track any topic on a content distributer’s site and thereafter be notified when new content is published relating to that original topic they selected.


Jeeng is a service that runs on multi-platforms such Facebook Messenger, email, browser notifications in Chrome and mobile messages. These notifications were incorporated into the UX design to show users what the notifications would essentially look like once they registered with the service.


We were contracted over a number of days to work on this project in their snazzy high-rise central Tel Aviv office while drinking copious amounts of coffee to get this start-up off the ground!

Digital, Mobile, UX Design
content distribution, jeeng, Krypton Venture Capital, start-up