Boy’s Town Jerusalem

A Jerusalem based charity who's sole purpose is to help Israel's most vulnerable children. We were hired to give a full makeover to there UK site and some of the stages are listed as follows:

Donations have increased by 350% on the site since the new design has been implemented, our vision is clear, it's easy to use, it's responsive and making edits to the site content is a breeze!
Step 1. Understand what the client needs are

First of all, we needed to know what problems BTJ had and what they needed through their website. During the first meeting, we found three reasons why they wanted to change their website and then we provided solutions for each.



Too complicated → Consistent design guideline
As you can see in the image below on the left, the site was made up visually from elements that had been thrown together over the years with no consistent branding whatsoever. The information was unclear, the navigation menu at the top of the page was complicated and over-categorised as well as different design styles such as typography, colour, a layout, and those provided an inconsistent user experience. So the client and us decided to create new design styles which provide a consistent user experience.



Not friendly to all devices → Responsive website
The previous website had only one layout for all different browser sizes. It was not friendly at all to all devices; too small on the 32-inch monitor and hard to click buttons on the mobile devices. We recommended the client to make a responsive website to fit the layout in all devices.



Updating content problem → WordPress CMS
BTJ had someone manage the website in the past and there were numerous bugs and the inability to even make simple edits, they also found it difficult to upload new content anytime they wanted. We suggested a WordPress CMS (Content management system) that would allow them to manage the creation and modification of content themselves.

Step 2. Implement the suggested solutions

Once the wireframes for the new site were finalised, the website build began with a focus on the solutions suggested namely, a consistent design theme, a responsive site and implementing a super-easy WordPress builder that would help them manage the site in the future.

Step 3. Testing, Launch & Client hand-over

After all the final revisions had been incorporated to the site and a full test had been undertaken of the site on various devices to ensure consistency for responsive design the site was ready for launch! Final hand-over to BTJ involved the provision of WordPress user manuals for them to make edits on the site, Loom video tutorials and Zoom calls to explain how to navigate through the admin area of the website.


Another website, another happy customer! Find out today how we can transform your web presence here.