Rainbow ABA Therapy

Specializing in ABA Therapy for children on the Autistic Spectrum.

In some instances your suggestions, albeit minor have made a huge impact to the site and not only are we getting more traffic, but users are spending longer on the home page and exploring more of the site.

Rainbow ABA came to us with a website that was almost final, however, there were a number of elements on the site that were not tying together and the client was not satisfied with the result following numerous iterations from the developer. Initially, we dissected the site and broke it in to several rows whereby a complete analysis and restructure began. Icons were replaced to be far more user friendly and convey more accurate messaging as well as a consistent ‘rainbow’ theme throughout the page.


Please read on to explore the visual enhancements that were made to the original site and comments explaining the journey undertaken.

In the image shown above, in the ‘below’ focus circle the original site is shown with primitive icons that do not represent the text alongside it. In addition, there was a slider gallery with boring images and low interaction from the users. The redesign included playful images and illustrations to draw the user in, in this case, parents of children who are on the autistic spectrum to interact and find out more information about the therapy offered. 

In the image shown above, in the ‘below’ focus circle the original site was structured as two columns and two rows alongside the text to the left of the brain illustration. The amount of text in that area was overbearing and difficult to digest. As a result, we implemented a colourful and artistic brand illustration using the core brand colours and instead, moving the 4 icons and text to their own row that spanned the width of the page. Lastly, in order to attract customers to read more about these 4 categories we implemented buttons for each instead of a simple ‘read more’ text and underline. 

Lastly, the segment/row preceding the footer (the footer did not exist on the original site) was a lazy finish to the page and held some basic information thrown in it’s place. The segment above this had also purely taken an image and thrown a quote on top of it. Our suggestion was to continue the rainbow theme and apply a filter to a new image that truly conveys the messaging of the company as well as a new structure that tries to entice users/parents to interact with the site by leaving a message. Finally, a footer was also added to the page to help the user continue to navigate the site without having to scroll all the way to the top of the page as well as access to some pages and links that may be slightly harder to access from the main site navigation alone.


We hope you liked reading this case study and we would be happy to give a free home page ‘health design assessment’ free of charge.