Pipe Global Branding Website Overhaul

Moshava Ba'ir, a distinguished Jewish summer camp for kids and teens across various US cities, approached Roedz Creative with a vision to enhance its online presence. For full project details, please scroll to the bottom of the page, below the images.
Pipe Global New Website

Shown below are two of the basic wireframes (to the left and right of center image) created as part of spatial exploration for Pipe Global. The image in the center shows the transformation of the home page from wireframe, shown on the left, to the final design shown in the center. These wireframes formed the foundation for the designs shown above and below that followed for the entire site.

Pipe Global New Website
Pipe Global New Website

Client: Pipe Global

Pipe Global, known as “Your partner to fast-track revenue growth,” approached Roedz Creative with a mission to enhance its online presence and brand identity.


Project Aim & Problem:

The aim of the Pipe Global Branding Website Overhaul was to conduct a comprehensive rebranding process, including the development of a new vision, marketing collateral, social media templates, UI/UX design, and a complete overhaul of the existing website. The specific problem addressed was the need for a unified brand presence that would resonate with the target audience and be memorable.



  1. Rebranding Process: Roedz Creative initiated a thorough rebranding process, focusing on aligning Pipe Global’s brand with its mission and values.

  2. New Vision Development: A new vision for Pipe Global was crafted to communicate its goals and aspirations clearly.

  3. Marketing Collateral Creation: Roedz Creative designed a set of marketing collateral to support Pipe Global’s promotional efforts.

  4. Social Media Templates: Customized social media templates were created to maintain a consistent brand image across various platforms.

  5. UI/UX Design: The user interface and experience of Pipe Global’s digital platforms were redesigned for optimal engagement.

  6. New Website Development: Roedz Creative executed a complete overhaul of Pipe Global’s website, ensuring a modern and user-friendly interface.

  7. Quote Templates for LinkedIn: Tailored quote templates were developed for Pipe Global’s LinkedIn presence, enhancing professional communication.

  8. Video Frames Design: Engaging and visually appealing video frames were crafted to enhance the multimedia content shared by Pipe Global.



  1. Unified Brand Identity: The rebranding efforts resulted in a cohesive and unified brand identity for Pipe Global.

  2. Memorable Vision: The new vision developed by Roedz Creative contributed to a memorable and impactful representation of Pipe Global’s goals.

  3. Professional Marketing Collateral: The designed marketing collateral elevated Pipe Global’s professional image, supporting its revenue growth mission.

  4. Consistent Social Media Presence: The custom social media templates facilitated a consistent and recognizable brand presence on various online platforms.

  5. Optimized UI/UX: The redesigned user interface and experience of the website ensured an optimized digital interaction for Pipe Global’s audience.

  6. Modern Website: The new website not only aligned with contemporary design standards but also enhanced user navigation and engagement.

  7. LinkedIn Communication Enhancement: The tailored quote templates for LinkedIn improved the professionalism of Pipe Global’s communication on the platform.

  8. Engaging Video Content: The designed video frames added visual appeal to Pipe Global’s multimedia content, increasing audience engagement.



  1. Enhanced Brand Recognition: Pipe Global now enjoys enhanced brand recognition and a unified identity, contributing to increased visibility and credibility.

  2. Improved Audience Connection: The memorable vision and consistent brand elements have strengthened Pipe Global’s connection with its target audience.

  3. Increased Professionalism: The professional marketing collateral and LinkedIn templates have elevated Pipe Global’s professional image, instilling trust among clients and partners.

  4. Digital Presence Optimization: The optimized UI/UX and modern website design have improved Pipe Global’s digital presence, resulting in a more positive user experience.

  5. Boosted Engagement: The engaging video frames and multimedia content have led to increased audience engagement, further promoting Pipe Global’s revenue growth initiatives.