CBD Medic / Clinic

I worked directly under the Head of Design, offering both support and lead on predominately digital projects for the teams located in Tel Aviv and Rhode Island. Under Abacus HP there were two divisions, namely CBD Medic (consumer) and CBD Clinic (B2B) before the company was acquired by Charlotte’s Web. Each company had unique brand messaging and my role was to incorporate this into each project that I was involved with.

Some of the projects that I led:

  • Landing pages
  • Bi-weekly home page slider banner concept and creation for both the CBD Clinic and CBD Medic brands
  • Product renderings and compositions
  • ebook design and webinar presentations
  • Print and digital ads for a new product launch, including popups, email campaigns and social media assets
  • Infographics
  • Complete redesign of the CBD Medic home page
  • Email flows – header image, other images and formatting to help improve conversions