Benefits Vision

Benefits Vision website UX design

The project aimed to revolutionize Benefits Vision’s online presence, specifically their Glasses Online Store. The client faced the challenge of an outdated website design that hindered user engagement and, subsequently, sales. Roedz Creative Studio was enlisted to tackle this issue through a comprehensive UI/UX redesign.

CBD Medic / Clinic

I worked directly under the Head of Design, offering both support and lead on predominately digital projects for the teams located in Tel Aviv and Rhode Island. Under Abacus HP there were two divisions, namely CBD Medic (consumer) and CBD Clinic (B2B) before the company was acquired by Charlotte’s Web. Each company had unique brand messaging and my role was to incorporate this into each project that I was involved with.

CinRx Pharma

CinRx Pharma, a prominent pharmaceutical company specializing in drug research. The primary goal of the project was to redesign CinRx Pharma’s website to enhance its online presence and user experience. For full project details, please scroll to the bottom of the page, below the images.


I played a key role in enhancing the user experience (UX) on the GreenSmoke website. By improving usability, accessibility, and overall interaction, I ensured users’ satisfaction. Through meticulous wireframing, comprehensive analysis, and dedicated design work, I crafted UX page designs that facilitated a seamless and enjoyable user journey. Taking full responsibility for these designs, I contributed to creating a user-centric and engaging website experience for GreenSmoke users.

Moshava Ba’ir

Moshava Ba'ir Jewish Camp Website

Moshava Ba’ir, a distinguished Jewish summer camp for kids and teens across various US cities, approached Roedz Creative with a vision to enhance its online presence. For full project details, please scroll to the bottom of the page, below the images.


In most care facilities and hospitals around the world, the systems in place are antiquated and rely on manual pen & paper recording of results of a patient over a long term period of time. Middleware are on a mission to revolutionise this industry with customisable software that can be used to easily track and record a patient’s results dependent on the caregivers on shift. Prior to the design phase, detailed interactive wireframes were created to give a sense of how caregivers would use the software and through these wireframes, hone and sharpen the user journey and experience. Over 35 interactions were created for the app that included caregiver log-in, selection of patient and/or caregivers, past result, submitting a log dependent on a specific area of the body and so forth.

Pipe Global Branding Website Overhaul

Pipe Global New Website

Pipe Global, known as “Your partner to fast-track revenue growth,” approached Roedz Creative with a mission to enhance its online presence and brand identity. Explore the transformation journey of Pipe Global through an impactful branding and website overhaul. Discover the essence of Pipe Global’s evolution in this engaging narrative.

Kenes Group

Kenes are the world’s leading expert in live, virtual and hybrid events management with over fifty years of knowledge, experience, and market expertise – they are now at the forefront of global conference management. Kenes Group has to date hosted over 4,000 conferences, 100+ virtual events, 220,000 delegates per year and 55,000 association members.

Since January 2015, I have been working with Kenes Group as one of three approved suppliers to rework and create advertising materials for their conferences located around the world.

Artwork requests include booth artwork, conference walls, web banners, presentation slides, bookmarks, adverts, infographics, app screens, flyers, posters, pull up banners and more.